CPN™ - Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles

With immensely bright emission properties and highly specific targeting capabilities, our non-toxic CPN™ molecular probes have many advantages over traditional dyes in a variety of R&D applications, including in vitro imaging and labelling.

CPNs™ are highly fluorescent nanoparticles containing semiconductor light emitting polymer (LEP) cores encapsulated within a water friendly capping agent. With fluorescent properties significantly exceeding those of other molecular probes and labeling agents, CPNs™ offer immense brightness due to exceptional extinction coefficients and outstanding photo-, thermo- and chemical stability. CPNs™ have shown no toxicity and are ideal for use with live cell systems and are enabled with surface accessible carboxylic groups for the conjugation of a wide

range of molecules including antibodies, streptavidin and nucleic acids. This allows CPNs™ to be used in a diverse array of binding and targeting applications, such as flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, and high content screening. CPNs™ also incorporate iron oxide, allowing for magnetic manipulation, purification and quantification of bound molecules or cells, and use as contrast agents in MRI. CPNs™ are currently available in a range of fluorescence emission wavelengths from 450 nm to 680 nm.

  • Range of colours
  • Extraordinary stability and photostability
  • Stable dispersion in solution
  • Non-toxic
  • Contains magnetic iron oxide
  • Familiar surface ligand chemistry
  • Significantly brighter than dyes and quantum dots
Cell imaging Cell imaging Cell imaging Cell imaging

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Available in a range of fluorescence emission wavelengths from 450 nm to 680 nm, we offer a series of CPN™ products that could revolutionise your R&D.

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Visually brighter than dyes and quantum dots

Our CPN™ products retain immense fluorescence much longer than existing technologies, whilst remaining chemically and thermally stable. But why are they so bright?
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CPNs™ boast superior properties

The robust nature of its components means the optical, biological and structural properties of CPNs™ are rapidly being considered to be superior than market equivalents.
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Precise manipulation of molecules

A core-shell structure enables CPNs™ to be conjugated to a variety of targeting molecules. Read the protocol for CPN™ conjugation here.
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CPNs™ have many advantages over traditional dyes and probes

There are numerous applications where CPNs™ can be used. The list is extensive and includes FRET, ELISA, flow cytometry, western blotting and more.
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