Lateral Flow, Rapid Point of Care Diagnostics

Lateral Flow

Lateral flow technologies play a vital role in the rapid diagnosis of numerous infections and diseases. The extraordinary sensitivity and stability over a wide pH and temperature range make CPNs an outstanding tool for use in lateral flow Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs). When used in conjunction with a temperature stable targeting agent, an all environment RDT is feasible and this is currently under development. CPNs’ high fluorescent intensity enables low levels of accurate target detection, enabling the potential of early disease diagnosis. CPNs can also be manipulated using magnets, with the potential to further increase the sensitivity of target detection in lateral flow assays, widening the detection window. When a magnet is applied to the test line, CPNs are locally concentrated, resulting in improved test sensitivity and accuracy.

The wide CPN colour range, which extensively spans both the visible and IR spectrum, facilitates an ultra-sensitive, multiplexed, mass screening capability. This enables several targets to feature on one test strip for rapid and multiple disease diagnosis in the same test.

Multiplexed lateral flow detection strips.

Infrared Lateral Flow

CPN 900 (IR-I) and CPN 1130 (IR-II) are also capable of infrared lateral flow studies where they offer a number of advantages over gold nanoparticles. When imaged with an infrared camera, IR CPNs can facilitate the distinct detection of molecules present at vastly different concentrations and allow target quantification at pg/mL levels, with no background signal detected from the nitrocellulose strip. 

Lateral flow test labelled with CPN900 + anti-mouse IgG imaged with infrared camera, LICOR detector (ex/em = 785nm/830nm)

CPNs Enhance Current Lateral Flow Tests

CPN RDTs are therefore capable of enhancing current lateral flow technology used in critical rapid diagnostic tests, aiding early interventions in a huge range of detectable infectious and other diseases, with earlier diagnosis helping to guide their management and treatment options.

Labelled CPNs concentrate at the test line when a magnet is applied, improving test sensitivity and accuracy.

Time-lapse video showing the detection of two targets simultaneously on a lateral flow strip.