Cell Tracking – Long term study and tracking of cells

Collaboration with: CytoSMART

Cell tracking plays a crucial role in research areas including signalling pathways, drug discovery and developmental biology. Stream Bio has teamed up with CytoSMART Technologies, a company that makes innovative instruments for live cell imaging and analysis.  CytoSMART is utilising the unique robust stability of CPNs™ for the long-term study and tracking of cells in their unique cell imaging system, which can record thousands of cells over long periods of time in cell culture. When these cell divide, they retain their fluorescence due to the CPNs™ unique stability and the fact there is no photo-bleaching over the course of the experiment. CPNs™ are non-toxic and can be successfully taken up into the endocytic pathway and processed, highlighting their potential for use in intracellular trafficking studies.

One application currently being explored by CytoSMART and Stream is the study of apoptosis (cell death). Annexin-V is a marker for programmed cell death; it binds to phosphatidylserine, which presents on the outside of cells as they enter apoptosis. CPNs™ can be linked to anti-phosphatidylserine antibodies used to detect this cell death biomarker over days or weeks in cell culture. This makes it a useful tool in many areas, especially when examining the toxicology effects of new compounds and drugs.

Time-lapse over 40 hours, highlighting CPNs™ use for intracellular trafficking studies.