Photothermal Therapy

Collaboration with: TREE – Translational Research Exchange at The University of Exeter

Stream Bio has teamed up with researchers at the University of Exeter to investigate the Photo Thermal (PT) effects of Stream Bio’s patented Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticle (CPN™) PT. The ultimate aim of this technology is to deliver ‘ultra-focused’ treatment, with virtually no side effects, to certain types of cancers. 

PT CPN™ is a specifically designed CPN™ with a particular core, that when excited at the correct wavelength gives rise to a significant amount of photothermal energy, superior to gold nanorods and potentially greater than carbon nanotubes. 

A team of researchers, including Dr Charlie Jeynes, based in both Exeter’s Living System’s Institute and the School of Physics and Astronomy, are focussed on developing computational analysis and mathematical modelling within the life sciences and are applying these models to the thermal properties of PT CPN™ and comparing them with actual results.  Comparisons of the modelled and experimental results will provide valuable data and help Stream Bio refine the properties of PT CPN™ in terms of ideal size, concentration and core, and lead to further research.

A labelled, tumour targeted PT CPN™ for Photothermal Therapy could be a powerful tool for cancer therapy, and a possible alternative to toxic chemotherapies. Stream Bio is excited to be exploring this avenue with Exeter University, part of the GW4 NanoMedicine Consortium.