A new generation of molecular bioimaging probes with a high degree of photostabilty, offering highly specific targeting and a magnetic core capability for both multi modal imaging and magnetic sample purification. The probes can be substituted into a variety of applications and research assays essentially without any change in lab protocols.

With intrinsic brightness and superior sensitivity, Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticle (CPN™) molecular probes (a new cell imaging and labelling technology), can be used in a variety of in vitro and in vivo situations and offer advantages over existing technologies. From lab research to diagnostics and therapeutic applications, CPN™ technology will revolutionise a range of important life sciences research techniques.

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Discover how CPNs™ can help your R&D

With immensely bright emission properties and highly specific targeting capabilities, our non-toxic CPNs™ have many applications across the life sciences and beyond.
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CPNs™ have many advantages over traditional dyes and probes

There are numerous applications where CPNs™ can be used. The list is extensive and includes FRET, ELISA, flow cytometry, western blotting and more.
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Outstanding photo, thermo and chemical stability

Our CPN™ products retain their fluorescence much longer than existing technologies, whilst remaining chemically and thermally stable.
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Revolutionise your R&D with our CPNs™ and CPN™ Streptavidin Conjugates products.
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