CPNs™ are exceptionally bright, stable & non-toxic fluorescent bioimaging probes.

Spanning both the visible and NIR-spectrum.

CPN 420 (Violet)390/420CPN 610 (Orange)480/610
CPN 435 (Indigo)390/435CPN 680 (Red)400/680
CPN 475 (Blue)390/475CPN 770 (IR-I)610/770
CPN 510A (Green)455/510CPN 820 (IR-I)640/820
CPN 510B (Green)400/510CPN 840 (IR-I)630/840
CPN 550 (Yellow)470/550CPN 1000 (IR-II)750/1000
CPN 580 (Orange)488/580

CPN™ conjugation kits for antibodies and oligonucleotides.
Rapid conjugation of antibodies and oligonucleotides to CPNs™ can be achieved using our LINKBRIGHTTM amine kits (30 mins) or our LINKBRIGHTTM thiol kits (60 mins).

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DiscoverBright™ with Stream Bio

Outstanding photo, thermo and chemical stability

Our CPN™ products retain their fluorescence much longer than existing technologies, whilst remaining chemically and thermally stable.