Our contract lateral flow development service utilises CPNs and provides a phased development process that allows you to take control of project costs, ensure a robust product is transferred to manufacture and deliver an assay with an unparalleled level of sensitivity.

The sensitivity of our CPNs can be attributed to their unique brightness, which has been shown to be up to 1000x brighter than quantum dots.  To discover why our CPNs are so bright, visit Our Technology page here.

Standard ELISA data, provided by The Ozcan Research Group (University of California, Los Angeles) shows that our CPNs™ (CPN™ 610) are up to 1000x brighter than comparative Q-beads and Qdots™.

You can find our standard selections for this service below. If you require further options or want to learn more, please contact us here.

Option 1 – Conjugation Service

Either: Standard conjugate with any of our CPNs and our off-the-shelf antibody range.

Or: Bespoke conjugation with your proprietary antibodies.

Option 2: Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) Proof of principle (~1 month)

Dipstick Assay:

The Proof of Principle Development (PoP) allows you to investigate the viability of an idea and generate initial data in LFT format. Using your provided or commercially sourced reagents, we will prepare CPN conjugates. The conjugates will then be characterised, showing their reagent (e.g. antibody) has been sufficiently bound to them. The conjugates are then tested against your target antigen using a dipstick LFT stick format. Finally, we test your reagents desired format (i.e. sandwich, competitive) against antigen in buffer, determining the Limit of Detection (LOD). 

What is Included?

  • Conjugation of reagent to CPNs
  • Conjugate characterisation and confirmation of reagent binding to CPNs
  • Determination of conjugate ability to bind target antigen
  • Determination of test sensitivity and specificity in buffer
  • Report including images of the lateral flow testing


Option 3 – LFT Feasibility – 2-3 months

In addition to the work conducted in LFT PoP development, our experienced team will determine the optimal amount of capture antibody on the nitrocellulose membrane and the optimal CPN conjugate concentration per test. We will test different pads and membrane treatments to provide you with your feasibility LFT.  These projects will aim to develop the best conditions for your reagents and provide you with a feasibility prototype test in cassettes. 

What’s Included?

  • Conjugate characterisation and confirmation of reagent binding to CPNs
  • Determination of CPN conjugate ability to bind target antigen
  • Conversion of test from dipstick to housed cassette
  • Selection of best conjugate pad and sample pad materials and treatments
  • Selection of best nitrocellulose membrane
  • Determination of test sensitivity and specificity in buffer
  • Determination of test sensitivity and specificity in real samples (provided by customer)
  • Determination of test %CV
  • Determination of test optimal read time
  • Report including images of the LFT testing
  • x50 individually foil pouched tests in cassettes

Option 4 – Manufacture of Strips for LFA

  • Prototype Manufacture: This service allows you to purchase further prototype tests that have been through the feasibility program. You can specify how many tests you require up to a volume of approximately 20,000. The service requires you to provide us with your test reagents in suitable quantities and purity. 

What’s Included?

  • Individually foil pouched tests in a cassette
  • Full Scale Manufacture: We can provide a technology and protocol transfer service to a largescale manufacturer in any country in the world. We have formed strong relationships with a dedicated and extensive network of companies in order to provide introductions for you to decide who will produce your product. A full liaison service throughout the transfer process will be provided to ensure a smooth transition from development to production.