Thiol Antibody Conjugation kit     

Stream Bio’s LINKBRIGHT™ Thiol IgG Antibody Conjugation kit allows covalent linkage reactions to be readily carried out without access to specialist chemistry capabilities. The kit is designed to be specific for CPN – antibody / protein linkage, has a rapid reaction time of 60 minutes in two steps, and comes in three sizes for the conjugation of 10μg, 30μg and 100μg of antibodies. CPNs are available in a range of emission wavelengths from 420 nm to 1130 nm in the IR.

Click here for a list of Thiol IgG Antibody Conjugation kit SKU codes.

CPN 420 (Violet)390/420CPN 550 (Yellow)470/550
CPN 435 (Indigo)390/435CPN 610 (Orange)480/610
CPN 475 (Blue)390/475CPN 680 (Red)400/680
CPN 510 (Green)450/510CPN 900 (IR-I)650/900
CPN 510B (Green)400/510CPN 1130 (IR-II)750/1130