CPN™ vs europium chelate comparison

Europium chelates have traditionally been the ‘go-to reagent’ for the development of fluorescent lateral flow tests.  In this study, we compared CPNs™ directly with europium chelate and found CPNs™ to be approximately 100x more sensitive when it comes to the detection of low levels of analytes.

Multiple replicates show a consistently strong signal from CPNs™:

  • Lateral flow strips run in triplicate for each hCG concentration
  • A consistent bright signal from CPNs™ demonstrating higher sensitivity than europium chelate
  • Linear CPNs™ signal across four orders of magnitude

Lateral flow strips produce a higher level of signal from CPNs™ compared to europium chelate across concentrations 1ng, 10ng, 100ng, 1μg, 10μg and 100μg.