Stream Bio launch five new bioimaging probes to continue global growth

November 4, 2019 12:14 pm

Stream Bio, a company that develops and manufactures a range of revolutionary bioimaging molecular probes, is delighted to announce the launch of five additional Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles (CPNs™) to their product range.

The new CPNs increase coverage of the visible light spectrum with wavelengths of 420nm, 435nm and 610nm, and further extend into the near-IR range with 900nm and 1130nm wavelengths. They build upon the success of their existing non-toxic, highly fluorescent probes, enhancing Stream Bio’s already broad applications across the bioimaging market.

Stream Bio’s CPNs are at the forefront of the next generation of novel molecular bioimaging probes, with their unique brightness, exceptional stability, magnetic capability and suitability for conjugation with a wide range of molecules. They have applications in diagnostics and therapeutics and the potential to be used for imaging tumours and fluorescence-guided surgery.

CPNs’ immense brightness enables the study of individual proteins in samples and cells using CPNs linked to antibodies or other targeting molecules including proteins, nucleic acids, aptamers and small molecules. The novel bioimaging probes can also be purchased in a linked form, with streptavidin covalently attached, enabling detection of biotinylated targets. Other surface chemistries are also available, such as linkage to thiol groups or click chemistry compatible systems.

Please get in contact with the Stream Bio team to discuss purchase and learn more about the new and existing product range.

Andy Chaloner, Founding Director and CEO of Stream Bio, commented “I am delighted that the full potential of our CPNs is being realised. This marks yet another significant milestone in Stream Bio’s journey in transforming the life sciences market, and would have not been possible without the years of hard work put in by our team.”

Steve Self, Commercial Director at Stream Bio, said “This is another enormous step forward for Stream Bio in the various markets we now serve. We have a full range of emission wavelengths, allowing us to compete in all sections of the cell imaging market, as well as in diagnostics and various other areas. This will be only one of a number of new ranges that we intend to introduce over the coming 12 months.”

Dermott O’Callaghan, Head of Product Development at Stream Bio, said “I am really excited to be launching the new range of CPNs, which doubles our portfolio of products. The high performance infrared CPNs will make a dramatic difference to deep tissue and in vivo imaging studies. I look forward to seeing the data generated by these new products and the improvements they will make on research in life science and healthcare.”

If you would like to work with Stream Bio on development projects and products where CPNs™ could enhance sensitivity or capabilities, please contact us.