Stream Bio launches new range of Streptavidin-linked CPNs

December 11, 2018 12:31 pm

Stream Bio, a company that develops and manufactures a range of revolutionary bioimaging molecular probes,has launched its new range of Streptavidin-linked CPNs™ onto the market. These Streptavidin Conjugates can be used for the detection of various biomolecules and will complement Stream’s current portfolio of CPN™ molecular probes. 

Stream Bio’s CPNs™ have applications in diagnostics and therapeutics, and have the potential to be used for imaging tumours and fluorescence-guided surgery. These highly fluorescent, non-toxic nanoparticles are set to transform the bioimaging market with their unique brightness, exceptional stability, magnetic capability and suitability to be conjugated with a wide variety of molecules. 

The new range of molecular probes from Stream Bio have streptavidin covalently attached to fluorescent CPNs™. This allows the intense fluorescence of the CPN™ to be readily linked to a wide array of targeting molecules. Streptavidin is a protein with an extraordinarily high binding affinity for biotin and is commonly used to link fluorophores to primary or secondary antibodies for specific detectionof a variety of proteins, protein motifs, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules. Some of the detection protocols the Streptavidin-linked CPNs™ can be used with include flow cytometry, Western Blots, microplate assays, imaging and microscopy.

The Streptavidin linked CPNs™ are available in four wavelengths; 475nm, 510nm, 550nm and 680nm. They can be purchased from distributors 2B Scientific in the UK, Clinisciences in France, and Biotrends in Germany.

Andrew Chaloner, Founding Director and CEO of Stream Bio, commented: “We are delighted to be releasing our most recent range of CPNs™. Seeing our products develop and be successfully brought to market is a justification of all the hard work put in by the team here at Stream Bio. I am excited to see the opportunities that this new range will bring and what the future holds for our products.”

If you would like to work with Stream Bio on development projects and products where CPNs™ could enhance sensitivity or capabilities, please contact us.