Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticle/Quantum Dot Comparison

CPNsTM: Up to 1000x brighter than Qdots

Our range of Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles provide key benefits over conventional fluorophores such as Quantum dots (Qdots), Quantum beads (Q-beads) and other fluorescent labels.

In a recent collaboration with our partners at UCLA, CPN™ 610 (Orange) was compared to equivalent Qdots and Q-beads and was shown to  be 100-1000x brighter, which translates to superior test sensitivity, and the ability to detect much lower levels of analytes. 

Experimental data from The Ozcan Research Group, University of California, Los Angeles, which shows that CPN™ 610 (Orange) is up to 100-1000x brighter than equivalent Q-beads and Qdots. Data measured on a standard ELISA plate reader with excitation and emission optimised for each fluorophore.

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